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Author Archives: Dave Roberts

Using WAERlinx for Kanban replenishment of electrical components

Astute, a global distributor of electrical components, is the largest nonfranchised company of its kind in the UK, with an…

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Seven key considerations for RFID Implementations

Understanding and making the key decisions at the start of an RFID project makes all the difference between success and…

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WAERlinx 8 Released!

Waer Systems continues to stay ahead of the game with the release of WAERlinx8.  Enhanced features and a more intuitive…

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Delivering RFID in the Cloud

In recent years, the maturing of RFID and Cloud computing have followed a similar trajectory from niche specialism to mainstream…

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5 reasons why now is the time to adopt RFID

Adoption of technology often follows a familiar pattern: Clever people in academic institutions discover, invent and then publish details of…

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