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Which Couriers does WAERlinx Integrate to?

Did you know that at the time of writing, WAERlinx WMS for NetSuite integrates to over 30 couriers worldwide:

NetDespatch APC, NetDespatch Royal Mail, NetDespatch Royal Mail International, NetDespatch UK Mail, NetDespatch Yodel, NetDespatch Yodel International, 13Ten, GFS DPD, GFS Hermes, GFS Yodel, GFS Royal Mail, GFS Royal Mail No Signature, GFS Nightfreight One Man Home, GFS Nightfreight One Man Store, GFS Nightfreight Two Man, TNT, TNT International, Whistl, Fedex, UPS, BlueGrace, Secured Mail, Parcel Perfect, Temando, Hermes, DPD, Direct Link, Metapack, Globegistics, Stamps, GSO (Golden State).

WAERlinx – as flexible as our customers are unique.

US Co. VHA Installs WAERlinx to Manage its Four Warehouses

Category : NetSuite, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Sep 27th, 2017

VHA supplies mobile phones and accessories to retail businesses across the United States.  They are currently operating out of four warehouse locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Diamond Bar and Houston.


VHA has been operating since 2001 and has enjoyed huge growth in the last few years.  They were searching for a WMS that could bring their four warehouses in line, using the Houston warehouse as the template, and integrate to their NetSuite ERP.

Each warehouse has an area where customers can come and collect orders raised in advance.  This business is referred to as Will Call inside VHA and as a middle-ground between the warehouse and a shopfront, it required the development of additional real-time interfaces in WAERlinx.  Will Call makes up a small but significant proportion of the processed orders, however, most are sent out via a carrier.

This was the first project involving Waer partner and NetSuite Solution Provider, Concentrus and has provided a platform for partnership in the US, with Concentrus offering local time-zone support for US based WAERlinx users.

In addition to the standard WAERlinx solution, additional unique developments for the project included:

  • A large display in the packing area showing a clear snapshot of the warehouse operation in real-time, with the number of orders waiting to be shipped and shipped in the last hour, allowing staff to keep tabs on their up-coming workload and performance.
  • A ‘cash on delivery’ amount calculable for each carton shipped so that carriers can take payment for packages.
  • Real time updates to the fulfilment status of the NetSuite order so that invoices can be printed and given to the customer without delays.
  • Tote-box handling: barcoded, reusable plastic trays (similar to those you’d find at airport security) are used for picking. The tray stays with the order right through to packing, saving time and resources by negating the need for creating cartons and printing labels and assisting in the drive towards a paperless operation.
  • Serial tracking – to speed up picking, serial numbers are assigned to phones via a list which is scanned after This is then recorded in NetSuite against the order.
  • Rapid scanning of serial numbers – allowing pickers to scan items one after the other without having to wait for the system to refresh between each one.

“It was WAERlinx’ flexibility and the productivity metrics developed for us that made VHA decide that this was the absolute best product for the project.  We look forward to a long and strong relationship with Waer Systems.”  Darryl Wooten, Director of Operations, VHA.

Why Switch from a DIY Warehouse Management System to a Leading WMS?

Category : NetSuite, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Sep 13th, 2017

There is often a great deal of reluctance about moving from a DIY (do-it-yourself) warehouse management system (WMS) to an industry-leading model. Companies with a DIY WMS may be understandably wary of implementing a new system – as the saying goes, “if it aint broke….” but there are clear and measurable advantages to taking that leap. 


The three most common barriers to making the switch

I know my WMS requires a lot of IT time to maintain and it may not always be up-to-date, but it has grown and been adapted as our business has expanded and it works.”

A 21st century WMS is highly configurable to specific customer needs, market demands and regulatory requirements.  Every company is different and a really good WMS developer will understand which elements of your business processes can’t, or needn’t be changed, and those which can – and should.

Good warehouse management software will have been built on decades of experience and hundreds of implementations in receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, picking, packing, loading and shipping.

It should be able to manage the most highly regulated and complex distribution environments world-wide and be easily configurable to meet current demands, yet flexible enough to adapt to future requirements.

Personalised workflows should be standard, enabling the WMS to meet your company’s specific needs. A good WMS developer will work with you to understand the years you’ve spent developing and tweaking your business processes to your competitive advantage.


“Our ERP System already has a WMS that can support our business needs.”

Many ERP systems have their own bolt-on WMS and while this type of system may be fine for a single warehouse with basic processes, the wheels can come off when things start to get more complex.

A best-of-breed model should easily integrate with your ERP system, sales channels and distribution networks and should have the capacity to be configured to the level of detail needed to grow with your business.


“I have a team and system built around maintaining and upgrading our WMS. It will be too costly to implement a new system and re-train everyone.”

The ease of using a leading WMS will reduce your IT staff time, including the time spent on upgrades. While a DIY WMS may require hours of additional coding when an upgrade is installed, a leading WMS will have been designed to be upgraded quickly and painlessly and with minimal disruption. Additionally, the inner workings of DIY systems are often tied up in a few, critical resources in IT, leaving many companies very vulnerable should these resources ever leave.

With a best-of-breed WMS, you get the backing of a software provider that is dedicated to making the best product in the market.

It may also be costing you more to keep an obsolete WMS that requires you to maintain older versions of related infrastructure such as databases and operating systems. With a WMS that can integrate with these other systems, the entire warehouse operation can become more efficient almost overnight.



While your DIY WMS system can serve the needs of your company today, flexibility, efficiency, scalability and adaptability are essential business requirements in our new economy and are to be overlooked at your peril.

You can keep tweaking your DIY WMS as your company grows and expands into new markets but every inefficiency will mount up and cost you in the long-run.

A highly configurable, future-proof WMS will save you money and time, and keep you ahead of the competition.

HSNF streamlines its warehouse operation, integrating Amazon FBA, Groupon, eBay and direct sales with NetSuite, thanks to WAERlinx.

Category : NetSuite, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Apr 5th, 2017

The Detail

HSNF has two warehouses located in North London. Most of their sales orders are placed via web portals including Amazon, Groupon, eBay and their own site, www.justbeauty.co.uk,.

NetSuite was installed at HSNF in 2014, and a paper-based system was used in the warehouse. There was, however, a lack of accurate inventory visibility with this system, and limited functionality to record pick rates or errors.

The WAERlinx solution

A detailed proposal for integrating WAERlinx with NetSuite was submitted in the first quarter of 2016 and implemented in September. As with all WAERlinx installations, the baseline product was configured to meet the exact needs of the business:

Assembly handling was a key development in this project. Now the HSNF team can quickly pick hundreds of base kits and put them away to stock. When a sales order is received, the operator picks the base kit and then picks the variable item – such as nail colour – separately, saving a huge amount of time.

Integration to Royal Mail and Yodel using Net Despatch: this includes international and Channel Islands shipments, and the packer is able to change the shipping method at the packing stage if required.

The average number of order lines is typically 1.8 and there is a high degree of commonality in the products. When the new feature, View High-Demand SKUs is clicked, a new view is presented, which displays SKUs in order of the number of unfulfilled lines that currently have unassigned pick tasks. Each line can be selected and the user can release multiple orders of identical SKUs to the operator for picking.

SKU images: this allows for 100s of orders to be released for picking extremely quickly and substantially minimises the volumes of repeated pick visits to a single bin.

Product images are displayed throughout WAERlinx, including the handhelds, resulting in far fewer queries or mistakes. This value-added feature has become essential for visible validations of SKU selection for packing.

As orders are dropped at the packing bay by the picking operator, a packing note is downloaded as a PDF for printing, initiating the pack process. Packing instructions can then be displayed if required.

The operator scans the packing note and each SKU code as it is packed into the carton. Once all SKUs are packed and despatched, the carrier booking continues automatically and the shipper’s label is printed.

HSNF’s tailored WAERlinx solution gives pickers the choice of Single picking – sequential picking with no grouping, or Wave picking – grouping of order pick tasks where common SKUs are picked individually.

If inventory exists elsewhere in the warehouse, the operator is presented with a View Alternate Location button. This is available during putaway, picking and inventory management, and assists the operator if they cannot physically reach a location or wish to reorganise the inventory in the warehouse.

WAERlinx’ complete integration with NetSuite means that HSNF now has vastly improved visibility of the warehouse operation. Errors have been virtually eliminated and the work-rate has seen a dramatic rise.

NetSuite Solution Provider NoBlue recommends WAERlinx WMS for online retailer and current NetSuite user, UK Home Shopping.

Category : NetSuite, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Mar 29th, 2017

UK Home Shopping (UKHS) Ltd is an online retailer based in Nottinghamshire, selling power and hand tools, workshop and automotive tools, generators and electrical items. http://www.ukhs.tv/

Already using NetSuite, the company wanted an integrated warehouse management system (WMS) in order to better support current and future operations.

The Detail

UKHS has two warehouses, both located in Nottinghamshire.

The first is the main distribution centre, consisting of pallet racks and shelves for pick faces, with dedicated areas for receiving, packing and despatching.

The second, referred to as the service warehouse, is a physically separate warehouse located within the same site as the main warehouse.  It serves several purposes:

  • As an overflow location for the main warehouse
  • Receiving for customer returns
  • Receiving for warranty repairs (all items are sold with a 12 month warranty) which are assessed and repaired or sent to third-party vendors
  • Sales of ex-demo or repaired items
  • There is a plan to add a sales counter in the foreseeable future.

In both warehouses, the existing paper-based system meant there were issues concerning a lack of inventory visibility and no existing pick-walk sequences, resulting in inefficient operations and limited customer return functionality.

The WAERlinx solution

A number of small adjustments were made to the baseline WAERlinx solution:

UK Home Shopping ships to Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man so these have been incorporated into the project.

Waer provided carrier integration with Royal Mail and Yodel via Net Despatch and for pallet handling, direct integration with TNT.

The transition from paper to handhelds has resulted in huge improvements to pick accuracy and time taken for picking.

A robust inventory-counting solution now allows UK Home Shopping to action regular inventory counts without disruption, rather than shutting the business down for an entire weekend in order to carry out the task.

 “Since the implementation of WAERlinx our warehouse staffing levels have reduced by three full time employees.”  Paul Strickland, UK Home Shopping Warehouse Manager.

Online Retailer Cox & Cox Chooses WAERlinx

Category : NetSuite, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Mar 14th, 2017

Online Retailer Cox & Cox Chooses NetSuite with WAERlinx WMS to Support Their Business, Now and into the Future

Launched in 2001, Cox & Cox (www.coxandcox.co.uk) is a unique collection of practical yet beautiful homeware products, unavailable in traditional catalogues.  The eclectic mix of old and new makes the site a go-to for independent-minded home owners and interior designers alike, and the company has a strong and ever-growing loyal customer base.

Having enjoyed steady growth, the company needed to start streamlining its operations and improve efficiency, with the installation of an ERP and warehouse management solution. Cox & Cox needed a system that was able to scale to its current size and have the capacity to grow as the company expands.

They quickly settled on a shortlist of two ERP systems: NetSuite and MS Dynamics. Jonathan Baldwin, Corporate Account Executive at NetSuite, introduced them to Patchworks – a NetSuite solution provider – and suggested WAERlinx as the most suitable solution for the warehouse.

Patchworks simplifies the adoption and management of the world’s most popular software, such as NetSuite, and is Europe’s leading cloud integration platform, as well as being the only Built-for-NetSuite accredited connector.

For Cox and Cox, Patchworks delivered fully automated synchronisation of all of their business critical data between NetSuite and Magento 2, enabling them to accelerate growth and increase speed to market with new products whilst providing a seamless customer experience.

WAERlinx provides NetSuite customers with all the functionality you would expect from a world-class warehouse management system, addressing all inbound, storage and outbound processes, fully and seamlessly interfaced to NetSuite.

Its storage management functionality gives customers real-time visibility of all stock, from warehouse to zone, rack and shelf at any location in the world, providing accurate stock count and perpetual inventory as standard, and on the outbound side of the supply chain, pick sequences are set up for maximum efficiency and can be driven by many factors in line with business requirements, keeping disruption to a minimum and providing customers with exactly what they need.

WAERlinx’ flexibility and scalability are its biggest assets, and it was these two elements that clinched it for Cox & Cox.  Aynsley Peet, E-Commerce Manager at Cox & Cox, said:

“We really liked WAERlinx’ flexibility and scalability. The team at WAER gave us a number of demos, we talked to several existing customers and the support so far has been fantastic.  We are really excited about starting this new project with NetSuite and WAERlinx.”

For more information about Patchworks contact Julie Halford at Patchworks julie@patchworks.co.uk or 07904 664011  www.patchworks.co.uk


Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Installs WAERlinx to improve Efficiency across Three Sites

Category : Kitting, NetSuite, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Mar 7th, 2017

Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Ltd is an established UK supplier of gardening products including flower and vegetable seeds, young plants, soft fruit trees and a range of garden equipment, fertiliser, pest control etc.  They have a broad mix of customers; both B2B e.g. garden centres and DIY merchants; and B2C e.g. allotment associations and consumers.

Fothergill’s has been using NetSuite for several years and they approached Waer Systems to provide better warehouse management across its three sites. WAERlinx’ renowned flexibility meant that the company’s specific requirements were easily accommodated into the package, including:

  1. A feature to allow the automatic build of works orders and commit the inventory to sales orders with minimal user involvement.
  2. The introduction of barcoding and scanners for receiving, putaway, pick and ship at their Kentford facility (including the ability to cluster pick a number of sales orders)
  3. Production of delivery notes that reflect the appropriate brands
  4. Integration to a number of carrier systems using GFS – Hermes, Royal Mail, Secured Mail, DX Nightfreight.

The company ships a huge number of order lines. For example, in one week they shipped over 16,900. So the potential for efficiency savings was huge.

How WAERlinx was configured to meet Fothergill’s requirements

Automatic Build of Works Orders

Once the inventory is received in WAERlinx, the purchase order is updated in NetSuite and the inventory is committed. WAERlinx users then release the items for picking by brand and/or product category.

WAERlinx adds the items to pick lists which are then given to the service provider, Rookery Farm Packing (http://www.rookeryfarmpacking.co.uk/) to manage all picking, packing and shipping of the items.

Once the items are physically picked and checked, packing lists and delivery notes are printed, and NetSuite is updated.  Once packed, the shipping label is scanned and the carrier booking is made.

Cluster Picking

This new feature in WAERlinx allows the user to restrict the number of sales orders assigned to a picker, giving Fothergill’s the flexibility to choose how they set up their operation and allowing them to manage the picking and packing functions together, should they wish.

WAERlinx moves forward with exciting developments thanks to Mishimoto

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Our development team is known for their love of a challenge, and our customers choose WAERlinx because of its adaptability to their needs.

Take one of our most recent customers, Mishimoto, for example.  In the process of scoping out their project, they have requested the ability to receive goods by packing list reference, thus enabling automated receipt processing for multiple items based on a supplier’s packing list or delivery note.

The second development request was to have pallet packing – the functionality to assemble shipping pallets by recording either the uniquely numbered cartons contained on the pallet and/or the loose (i.e. unpacked) items that are contained on the pallet.

Thirdly, they needed to have calculated weights of cartons and pallets.  This way, there would be clear visibility of what had been placed onto each pallet, and fewer customer service issues of the ‘my product hasn’t been delivered’ type.

None of these has been requested by customers to date, but part of what makes WAERlinx unique is the fact that there is no ‘off the shelf’ version; it’s built to adapt, so these were all easily incorporated into the final solution.

For Mishimoto, the advantages are set to make a huge impact on efficiency in the warehouse:


# New Function Title Description Benefits
1 Receive by Packing List Reference Automated receipt processing for multiple items based on a supplier’s packing list or delivery note. Rapid and accurate processing of receipts for a specific supplier shipment.
2 Pallet Packing Function to ‘assemble’ shipping pallets by recording either the uniquely-numbered cartons that are contained on the pallet, and/or the loose (i.e. unpacked) items that are contained on the pallet.

Calculated weights of cartons and pallets.

Clear visibility of what has been placed onto each pallet.

Fewer customer service issues of the ‘my product hasn’t been delivered’ type.

3 BlueGrace Integration Provides a ‘Rate Shopping’ function in WAERlinx, using data retrieved from the BlueGrace system.

Allows bookings to be made for the selected carriers.

Management of ‘Less Than Truckload’ (LTL) shipments.

Lower overall freight costs.

4 Pallet Placard, Carton Labelling, Repack Carton labelling Replacement of hand-written sheets with neat, clearly-readable labels & documents.


WAERlinx’ – as flexible as our customers are unique.


WAERlinx introduces picture labelling for multi-national workforces

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WAERlinx introduces picture labelling for multi-national workforces

When it comes to product development, our customers steer the way. Earlier this year, we made a great new development…

WAERpod – The Proof of Delivery app perfect for NetSuite users with their own fleet.

Category : NetSuite, PoD, warehouse management, WMS · No Comments · by Jul 12th, 2016

Many manufacturing, distribution and retail companies prefer to use their own fleet of vehicles for deliveries and while there are obvious advantages, there are also common pitfalls, with delivery systems often cobbled together resulting in unreliable delivery data and a lot of headaches.

WAERpod is a new Proof of Delivery app for Android phones, designed with these businesses in mind. It allows drivers to take deliveries and book them in to customer locations ensuring 100 per cent accuracy on delivered goods.

Its low-cost, high spec gives all the functionality you would expect from a well-known carrier company, all interfaced beautifully into NetSuite.

WAERpod Proof of Delivery app

  • Barcode scanning confirms delivery of ordered package(s) or product(s), eliminating discrepancies
  • Eliminates the need for additional checking at the point of despatch
  • Optimizes the use of delivery resources
  • Fully integrated with NetSuite: the delivery triggers NetSuite invoice generation
  • Accurate billing eliminates invoice reconciliation queries
  • As a hybrid mobile app, performance & reliability are assured without the need for external connectivity at the actual point of delivery
  • Ease of use ensures negligible training overhead
  • Runs on an Android smartphone paired via Bluetooth with a palm-sized scanner, vastly lowering hardware costs compared to traditional units
  • Ideally suited for companies who prefer to use their own vehicles and drivers rather than rely on third party couriers
  • Receiver name and signature input: customer validation of the confirmed physical delivery
  • Multiple drop locations per ship-to area
  • Point of delivery exception management: if products cannot be delivered, for any reason, this can be input with definitive details and automated email alerts, ensuring better customer service
  • KPIs & trend analysis enable better management oversight and on-going improvement.