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WAERlinx’ Order Release system is CPR to our customers.

Category : warehouse management · No Comments · by Feb 26th, 2018

CPR (Consolidated Pick Release) is WAERlinx’ Order Release system and it’s a lifeline to our customers.

In the olden days (okay, in lots of organisations still), once an order was ready for picking in the warehouse, a picking list was printed out and given to an operative to go and pick from the specified bin locations.  Marked off by the operator using a pen, once completed, the list was then given back to someone in admin to mark the items off against the system.

In 2018 with increasingly dynamic warehouse set ups, having an accurate, real time inventory record is imperative to the entire operation; it’s an understatement to say that the paper system has become obsolete – it is just not quick enough.

For at least the last decade if not longer, WAERlinx customers have been able to assign a picking list to an operator which they access on their handheld device (more often than not, a smartphone these days).

As each item is picked, even if it is in a different bin to the one expected, the inventory is updated in real time in WAERlinx and therefore also NetSuite.  

With clear advantages:

  • Stock levels are completely visible in real time
  • There can be no discrepancies – someone can go and pick the same item a minute later and the exact quantity of that item is visible and correct
  • Each order carton has a license plate, making tracking a piece of cake.

Not all WAERlinx customers use this functionality, however.  Some prefer to set parameters for automated picking assignment such as a maximum number of items and total weight etc.  This allows them to cut out the step of assigning orders, speeding up their operation even further.

As always, WAERlinx is as flexible as our customers are unique.


Clean, Clear Interface-Error Reporting from WAERlinx

Category : warehouse management · No Comments · by Feb 19th, 2018

Interfacing between NetSuite and a SuiteApp is complex, and given the large volumes of data involved, data issues can inevitably occur. When they do, they have to be identified, addressed and fixes deployed quickly, in order to avoid disruption.

At Waer, our customer operations were occasionally being slowed down by reporting formats that were in need of an overhaul, so our developers put their heads together to find a solution.


Previously, the Waer team were having to look through large amounts of data on spreadsheets via email, drilling down several layers to find the information they needed and consequently spending valuable time clearing or dealing with interface issues.

After some nifty work, the team has brought together elements that were previously on several screens, and the reporting of interface errors has been made infinitely clearer and more manageable:

  • Data issues are now grouped together in one place, making administration a lot simpler;
  • problems with interfacing one NetSuite Object Type (Sales Orders, for example) no longer impact on interfacing in other, unrelated NetSuite Objects and;
  • the Interface Message Errors can be configured using Automated Reports.

“With any NetSuite SuiteApp, there is an element of managing the integration between the App and NetSuite and we wanted to make this as simple as possible for our customers.  This is a win-win situation, as customers can easily resolve any data-integration issues without having to rely on intervention from the Waer Systems support team.”

Dave Roberts, Waer Systems Technical Director



Which Couriers does WAERlinx Integrate to?

Did you know that at the time of writing, WAERlinx WMS for NetSuite integrates to over 30 couriers worldwide:

NetDespatch APC, NetDespatch Royal Mail, NetDespatch Royal Mail International, NetDespatch UK Mail, NetDespatch Yodel, NetDespatch Yodel International, 13Ten, GFS DPD, GFS Hermes, GFS Yodel, GFS Royal Mail, GFS Royal Mail No Signature, GFS Nightfreight One Man Home, GFS Nightfreight One Man Store, GFS Nightfreight Two Man, TNT, TNT International, Whistl, Fedex, UPS, BlueGrace, Secured Mail, Parcel Perfect, Temando, Hermes, DPD, Direct Link, Metapack, Globegistics, Stamps, GSO (Golden State).

WAERlinx – as flexible as our customers are unique.