At the heart of WAERlinx lies a Cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can boast years of development and improvement. Its extensive, straightforward functionality has evolved from the exacting demands of quality and integrity of the aerospace and defence industries. Features can be readily enabled or disabled as required, ensuring that the user’s experience is strictly relevant to the task in hand.

All the functionality, visibility and reporting you would expect to find in a next generation warehouse management solution is integrated into WAERlinx.

Work tasks such as picking, putaways, internal movements and shipments are assigned to operators based on flexible rules. Configurable dashboards provide a real-time view of all warehouse operations and mobile scanning functions can be used extensively, maximising operator mobility.

Any warehouse structure can be modelled, from a small, simple storage entity, all the way up to large-scale, sophisticated multi-warehouse operations. Setting up a new remote warehouse or forward stocking location via our Cloud solution could not be simpler – all you need is a scanner, printer and an internet connection.

For a full breakdown of the system’s functionality, see the ‘WAERlinx in detail’ section.

Implement Waer’s WMS solution, and develop a true partnership culture with the whole of your supply chain. WAERlinx, the simple solution to your outsourcing ambitions!

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